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The Get Unstuck Challenge

Here's your RX for getting unstuck in your business! Join this live workshop and learn my four-part process to get unstuck, set new goals and a new plan, commit, implement and have accountability.


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If you're interested in going deeper with me, I'm also making 10 spots available for people who want a higher level of coaching from me on setting their 2017 goals and plans. We'll get you unstuck with the workshop, and you'll also have two additional one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions with me as your personal mentor.

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Date: Saturday, October 8th, 2016


Someone smart once told me that 'business is actually easy. It's us, as operators, who make it tough.'


That's true isn't it? It's tough not to make it personal because we pour so much into our businesses; money, time, emotion, and energy!


You're here because you're feeling stuck in your business right now, which is quite common. In fact, there are those who have been stuck in their businesses and those who will be - it's a part of doing business! In fact, the nature of business is just that - a series of problems we solve. 


Recently, after I published a series of newsletters on how to get 'unstuck,' I had incredible response from you, my amazing community.


I've responded by creating this four-step method to get unstuck in your business and get you right back into traction mode!


Join my Get Unstuck in your Business Challenge and you'll:


- Be part of a small, motivated group of people who are hell bent on leaping over obstacles and create consistent movement and growth in their businesses


- Be part of a 3-4 hour training where I'll teach you live how to get unstuck, reconnect with and build your tribe and engage with them - nothing will bring you traction faster than that!


  • Access to a live training call during which I’ll guide you through my four-part proprietary process to Get Unstuck. By the time we’re done in this three to four-hour live training, delivered over GoToWebinar, you’ll have a plan, and you’ll be ready to implement (Q&A time will be included). 


To ensure implementation, a month-long, closed Facebook group will be provided. In this group, you'll have the ability to get more questions answered and you'll have accountability. 

  • Access to a closed Facebook group that’s open only to my Challenge members, which will be active for 30 days. The intention of this Facebook group is to keep accountability in place around our group as we get through the first 30 days of implementation – this is the most important window to reset habits and focus.


Date: Saturday, October 8st, 2016

Join the Challenge and You'll Learn How to:

What People are Saying...

Kristin has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support -- and with lot's of laughing along the way! With her gentle, firm and sometime down right blunt guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. Kristin has helped me navigate the rough terrains, held me up when I am down and cheer me on when I am on a roll. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself and be brave -- without reservation!"

Kristin's coaching provides concrete strategies to take your business and your life up to a whole new level. A common thread of mindfulness brought focus to fit it in around a full schedule working on two start ups and staying present with kids and all the family activities. This is a must do if you really want to up your game. -- Rich Cook